E-mail from Chris Byrne to Alan Salls dated 5/30/2007.

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  • Title E-mail from Chris Byrne to Alan Salls dated 5/30/2007. 
    Short Title E-mail from Chris Byrne to Alan Salls. 
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    Text Agnes was actually born Maria Agnes Polschneider in (what is now) northwestern Germany. When her family came to America, she (and they) reverted to her father's original name, Messman - later changed to Mersman. She married William Lake Thatcher, was widowed, and later married James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok.

    For a definitive look at Agnes's roots, see "The Whiskey Merchant's Diary: An Urban Life in the Emerging Midwest", edited by Linda A. Fisher, MD. - it is just published, and available through Amazon. It is an annotation of a diary kept by Agnes's brother, Joseph J. Mersman, and details her background, and some of her life through the late 1847 - 1853 period.

    For a VERY definitive text on Agnes, her biography, written by Dr. Fisher and Caroline Bowers, has been accepted for publication, and should be out about this time next year. 
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    William Lake THATCHER 

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