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Noyan, Quebec, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bissell, George  03 May 1828Noyan, Quebec, Canada I145 Salls 
2 Bissell, Mary Elizabeth  22 Sep 1821Noyan, Quebec, Canada I50 Salls 
3 Bissell, Randall Mumford  1782Noyan, Quebec, Canada I133 Salls 
4 Bissell, Sophia  05 Sep 1804Noyan, Quebec, Canada I135 Salls 
5 Brill, Catherine  1824Noyan, Quebec, Canada I1945 Salls 
6 Derick, Elizabeth  1782Noyan, Quebec, Canada I134 Salls 
7 Derick, Mary Melissa  21 Mar 1819Noyan, Quebec, Canada I425 Salls 
8 Guertin, Mary J.  16 Nov 1846Noyan, Quebec, Canada I780 Salls 
9 Hislop, Russell Wendell  Noyan, Quebec, Canada I4319 Salls 
10 Salls, Arthur Eugene  15 Aug 1863Noyan, Quebec, Canada I781 Salls 
11 Salls, Avis Marynette  18 May 1855Noyan, Quebec, Canada I560 Salls 
12 Salls, Benjamin Ernest  13 Jan 1796Noyan, Quebec, Canada I274 Salls 
13 Salls, Charlotte Louisa  20 Jan 1830Noyan, Quebec, Canada I288 Salls 
14 Salls, Charlotte Louisa  01 Aug 1847Noyan, Quebec, Canada I321 Salls 
15 Salls, Clesson Philip  1859Noyan, Quebec, Canada I53 Salls 
16 Salls, Daniel  10 Aug 1829Noyan, Quebec, Canada I334 Salls 
17 Salls, Duncan Cameron  05 Nov 1829Noyan, Quebec, Canada I49 Salls 
18 Salls, Elizabeth  10 Jul 1823Noyan, Quebec, Canada I332 Salls 
19 Salls, Enoch  08 Mar 1846Noyan, Quebec, Canada I428 Salls 
20 Salls, Hannah Elizabeth  09 Mar 1827Noyan, Quebec, Canada I378 Salls 
21 Salls, Harriet Matilda  23 Jun 1840Noyan, Quebec, Canada I318 Salls 
22 Salls, Helen Mary  1856Noyan, Quebec, Canada I52 Salls 
23 Salls, Hiram  02 Apr 1829Noyan, Quebec, Canada I379 Salls 
24 Salls, James Albert  13 Feb 1831Noyan, Quebec, Canada I692 Salls 
25 Salls, John  Abt 1779Noyan, Quebec, Canada I267 Salls 
26 Salls, John  1810Noyan, Quebec, Canada I325 Salls 
27 Salls, Lester Randolph or Lester Randall  18 Feb 1864Noyan, Quebec, Canada I55 Salls 
28 Salls, Letitia Alice  03 Jun 1835Noyan, Quebec, Canada I316 Salls 
29 Salls, Louisa  05 Apr 1823Noyan, Quebec, Canada I376 Salls 
30 Salls, Lucy  07 Jun 1820Noyan, Quebec, Canada I375 Salls 
31 Salls, Lydia  22 Jun 1825Noyan, Quebec, Canada I377 Salls 
32 Salls, Margaret  Abt 1800Noyan, Quebec, Canada I394 Salls 
33 Salls, Mary Minerva  12 Jul 1830Noyan, Quebec, Canada I314 Salls 
34 Salls, Nancy  08 Feb 1810Noyan, Quebec, Canada I342 Salls 
35 Salls, Rhoda Elizabeth  20 Aug 1852Noyan, Quebec, Canada I51 Salls 
36 Salls, Samuel  24 Nov 1790Noyan, Quebec, Canada I272 Salls 
37 Salls, Stephen  11 Jun 1812Noyan, Quebec, Canada I343 Salls 
38 Shedrick, Albert B.  28 Feb 1850Noyan, Quebec, Canada I483 Salls 
39 Shedrick, Alfred  Abt 1853Noyan, Quebec, Canada I485 Salls 
40 Shedrick, Daniel  Noyan, Quebec, Canada I479 Salls 
41 Shedrick, Hannah  Noyan, Quebec, Canada I481 Salls 
42 Shedrick, James  01 Nov 1838Noyan, Quebec, Canada I480 Salls 
43 Shedrick, Nancy  Noyan, Quebec, Canada I484 Salls 
44 Struthers, James Hogg  1830Noyan, Quebec, Canada I3662 Salls 
45 Struthers, Robert Graham  1871Noyan, Quebec, Canada I3664 Salls 
46 Vosburg, Hattie  12 May 1868Noyan, Quebec, Canada I2955 Salls 
47 Wait, Enoch Briggs  26 Mar 1825Noyan, Quebec, Canada I672 Salls 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Briggs, Mary  24 Jun 1839Noyan, Quebec, Canada I265 Salls 
2 Crawford, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1821Noyan, Quebec, Canada I323 Salls 
3 Danford, Elizabeth  21 Jun 1857Noyan, Quebec, Canada I657 Salls 
4 Salls, Daniel  Feb 1845Noyan, Quebec, Canada I270 Salls 
5 Salls, Harriet Matilda  13 Nov 1870Noyan, Quebec, Canada I318 Salls 
6 Salls, Hix  26 Apr 1826Noyan, Quebec, Canada I264 Salls 
7 Salls, Hix  02 May 1831Noyan, Quebec, Canada I228 Salls 
8 Salls, Ida Elizabeth  25 Jan 1885Noyan, Quebec, Canada I1946 Salls 
9 Salls, Lester Randolph or Lester Randall  02 Apr 1864Noyan, Quebec, Canada I55 Salls 
10 Salls, Lucy  22 Apr 1901Noyan, Quebec, Canada I375 Salls 
11 Salls, Mary Minerva  18 Nov 1848Noyan, Quebec, Canada I314 Salls 
12 Salls, Nathaniel  26 Dec 1843Noyan, Quebec, Canada I661 Salls 
13 Salls, Seymour  15 Nov 1843Noyan, Quebec, Canada I660 Salls 
14 Salls, Stephen Hix  17 Jan 1841Noyan, Quebec, Canada I269 Salls 
15 Salls, William  08 Aug 1860Noyan, Quebec, Canada I390 Salls 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Salls, Lester Randolph or Lester Randall  01 Apr 1864Noyan, Quebec, Canada I55 Salls 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Salls / Bissell  18 Nov 1850Noyan, Quebec, Canada F15 Salls 
2 Salls / Branch  19 Sep 1824Noyan, Quebec, Canada F109 Salls 
3 Skeels / Salls  24 May 1848Noyan, Quebec, Canada F940 Salls 
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